Swanky Skins

The Swanky Skins Guarantee

At Swanky Skins, we make premium hand made leather products with the finest full grain leather. We've spent much time over the years researching materials and honing our craft that we are very confident our products will last for many years. We're so confident about our leather products that we offer every one of our customers a lifetime guarantee on any purchase. We stand by our quality and want you knowing we have your back in case things aren’t up to par.

We like to keep things as simple as possible around here. As long as we're around (and we're hoping to be around quite a while...with our second generation "in training" now) we will stand by and continue to meticulously care for the goods we craft, but more importantly, the customers we've been fortunate enough to earn. We feel honored having you represent our family and consider you as one of our own.

  • If any of your purchases through us breaks as a result of normal wear and tear, we will fix it or replace it for as long as you own it. 
  • What constitutes "normal wear and tear"?
  • Using it for its intended purpose every day. For example, if choose to use the shoulder strap of your favorite new leather travel bag to tow your buddy's truck to the shop and it breaks, well, that's definitely thinking outside of the box, but unfortunately, that's not covered. We'll replace the strap for you, but at your expense. If you're carrying your bag to work and a rivet pops out or your strap fails, we got you covered. We value integrity and honesty here so please respect our wishes and deal with us truthfully. We definitely promise do the same!